Quality Policy

The adoption and maintenance of the Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001-2008, now ed. 2015, it is a decision that the summit of Italcap s.r.l. has assumed as a fundamental strategic element in the development of the company, with a view to meeting the quality requirements of the products supplied; Italcap s.r.l. believes that the need to demonstrate to external bodies (Institutional Bodies, Customers, Suppliers, Certification Bodies) its ability to supply products that fully and completely respond to:

  • requirements defined by the customer
  • mandatory requirements
  • requirements defined by Italcap s.r.l.

The General Management of Italcap s.r.l. also believes that it is of primary importance to increase customer satisfaction through a timely and effective implementation of the Quality Management System, continuously improving it through the monitoring and measurement of the identified processes. Finally, the General Management of Italcap s.r.l. It places the safeguarding of the safety and health of its employees as a priority and indispensable, as well as respect for the environment, which it pursues by respecting all current and binding legislation in this area and by promoting behaviors and measures for this purpose

The General Management of Italcap s.r.l., in accordance with the requirements listed in the aforementioned standard, demonstrates this commitment

  • taking responsibility for the effectiveness of the QMS
  • ensuring that the Quality Policy and objectives related to the QMS are established and that they are compatible with the context and the strategic directions of the organization
  • ensuring the integration of the QMS requirements in the organization's business processes
  • promoting the use of the process and risk-based thinking approach
  • ensuring the availability of the resources necessary for the QMS, both during the initial implementation of the QMS and through periodic reviews of the same
  • communicating the importance of effective quality management and compliance with the requirements of the QMS
  • ensuring that the QMS achieves the expected results also through periodic reviews of the same
  • by actively participating, guiding and supporting people to contribute to the effectiveness of the QMS and promoting improvement
  • providing support to other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership, as it applies to their respective areas of responsibility

Furthermore, the General Management of Italcap s.r.l. is constantly committed to ensuring that the entire organization is focused on customer satisfaction, so that:

  • the customer's requirements and applicable regulatory requirements are determined, understood and met regularly
  • the risks and opportunities that can influence the conformity of products and services and the ability to increase customer satisfaction are determined and addressed
  • the focus on increasing customer satisfaction is maintained